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Healthiness has become a reality experienced by many consumers who seek eating habits in line with better quality of life.  

Nutrition concerns, and how it impacts our physical and mental well-being, are a reality that leads us to take a closer look at how our bodies are connected.

Aiming at this trend, MasterSense has the goal of becoming one of the drivers behind industry transformation, seeking healthier foods and beverages, with an ongoing look to the new consumer demands. 

We offer innovative solutions for ingredients and aromas, without losing sight of flavor, quality, and convenience. 

When talking about healthiness, there are some important pillars that create consumer expectations.

Here is a closer look into each one of them?

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A plant-based diet goes far beyond the inclusion of plant-based foods: it is a new trend for those consumers who are concerned about health, well-being, and sustainability.

This scenario creates several opportunities for the food and beverage industry. MasterSense is following this market movement and the main trends to deliver products that meet this new consumer need.  

Sugar/Sodium/Fat Reduction 

Different types of harm and disease are associated with excessive sugar consumption, such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular problems, among others. Likewise, excessive sodium consumption is also harmful to the body and linked to several diseases, such as increased blood pressure that can cause fluid retention. 

Fats are also a concern for consumers, who link this nutrient to some of the same types of harm mentioned above.

The industry faces several challenges to offer healthy products to meet consumer needs. Therefore, MasterSense is a key partner in all developments. 

Muscle Health

Over the years, and as we age, our body undergoes some losses, such as joint cartilage degeneration, decreased bone density and loss of muscle mass. 

The senior audience market, also known as silver, still has room to be explored, since from 2019 to date only 18 products focusing on this consumer profile have been launched. MasterSense is prepared to help bring innovative and differentiated products to these consumers who are caring for themselves every day and looking for better quality of life.

Digestive/Gut Health

Studies prove that the intestines, the gut, is considered our second brain. Some experts believe the digestive system role goes far beyond simply processing what we eat, and consumers have already tuned into the perception that the brain and the gut are related.

There are opportunities for the industry to explore new launches aimed at digestive health care, and to communicate the importance of consuming these types of products. MasterSense has products aimed at helping to balance the gut flora and contribute to digestive health in its portfolio. 

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